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If you want to enhance this focus, you might consider devoting a block of time to spend in a natural setting that fills you with awe and wonder.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope ~ Immersion in Awe

Oceans, rivers, canyons, and forests would be good places to visit because you can marvel at the power of nature and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds around you. Wherever you choose to wander today, simply let go of worrisome thoughts and engage fully with beauty and wonder as they heighten your feelings of euphoria.

Immersing ourselves completely in beautiful surroundings can lift our thoughts above boredom, petty concerns, and stressful circumstances.

Seeking experiences of wonder and awe on a regular basis automatically helps us feel lighter and more carefree. As we spend time in beautiful surroundings, we feel removed from our limited focus and our problems seem to shrink when compared to the raw power and blissful serenity that nature offers. As a result, our mood and mind-set seem to lift and expand, creating a stronger sense of spiritual awareness, inner peace, and abundant joy in all of our experiences.

Embracing the wonder of nature can intensify your feelings of euphoria and make every moment deeper and more meaningful today. My Destiny Astrology.

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Those whose goals do not mirror our own can still find comfort in the fact that we overcome many roadblocks to get where we are in the present, as it means that there is hope for those still struggling to prevail over adversity. You may have little other than hope to give today, yet you can still make a difference in someone's life. Our lives may be determined less by past events than by the way we remember them. You are invited to come aboard this inner adventure that offers a step by step journey of discovery and re-visioning through focused journaling.

Throughout the eight sessions, you will be engaged in exercises designed to facilitate healing and transformation.

Telling stories about our past through focused journaling can help change our perspectives to enable healing and empowerment. In this way, we are able to make meaning out of memory and put the past where it belongs - behind us. Healing and transformation are only possible through changing one's perspective from within. In this way, global healing takes place one individual, one tribe, at a time.

What story are you living? How do you choose to remember your story? There is a Native American parable about a grandfather who says, I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart.