February 17 cancer horoscope

Nevertheless, you must be careful because this planetary position can lead you to commit excesses, such as working too much or placing on your shoulders the responsibilities of other people, in the interest of fulfilling the task. On February 18, Chiron will enter Cancer House X , which implies an extensive period of time in which you will have to evaluate the concept of success, and the perspective you have on your professional career and the mission of life. In this sense, in order to find your professional identity, you will have to put aside the desire to have the approval of the individuals around you, and fight for what you really want, no matter what they say.

Here is your horoscope for February 17, 12222

On the other hand, the entry of Mercury and the Sun into Cancer House IX February 10 and 18, respectively , will favor the students of the sign by clarifying their immediate objectives, and giving them the recognition they deserve for their achievements if they worked for it. In the same way, this alignment will promote positive results for Cancer, especially those who are coordinating trips or moving abroad; alliances with international partners; and participation in forums, seminars, workshops and congresses.

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In general, the natives of Cancer will enjoy good health during this period of the year. The presence of Jupiter and Ceres in House VI of the crab sign, indicates the importance of self-care at all levels. Ceres in House VI of Cancer is an excellent ally if you want to change your eating habits, and opt for healthier alternatives do not avoid consulting a professional in the field, believing you know everything.

Similarly, Jupiter in the same location Cancer House VI talks about how we grow by learning from meeting our needs, in the same way we care for others. However, keep in mind that Jupiter in Crab House VI can also lead you to exaggerate train or work to the point of exhaustion, eat without control, or restrict food intake to the limit. Finding the balance between both states excess and restriction will be what brings you closer to true well-being.

Although it can be a difficult task, you will have the possibility to ask for professional support.

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This is Isis behaviour par excellence…. A lifestyle which is a journey through the hills and valleys of polarities.

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Having to learn to live with polarities, juggling two lifestyles. To be able to feel or communicate the deeps of humans emotions. These folk are tres-sophisticated and have very refined tastes. Therefore they really need to be in the high-income bracket in order to afford the luxuries they so crave.

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Cancer 3 rising will need to marry well since the life of a bohemian artist is not usually conducive to megabucks….. The above interpretations are a small sample of the rising sign section of my Cancer decan eBooks.

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